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Hi Rob. Welcome to the wiki. Thanks for your comments, and the link to Angela Beesley 14:56, 8 May 2006 (CEST)

Thanks! --Rob Myers 21:23, 8 May 2006 (CEST)

Remix Reading; excellent, in that case with luck I might see you about at some point. Usually I'm more regular attending the SC Linux user group, but from time to time I get down to the Rising Sun and try to get involved, time permitting, in promoting and raising awareness of both Free software and Free culture.

--Mercury Merlin 23:30, 22 November 2006 (CET)

Reading's cool but I'm actually based in Peterborough. I'll be in Reading for the Free Culture UK AGM on December the 16th though (I think). --Rob Myers 00:10, 23 November 2006 (CET)