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Welcome and Sorry![edit]

Greetings! Over the last couple weeks you have made a series of test and/or non-constructive edits to this wiki. After these test edits were deleted by three different administrators, including myself, I banned this account from contributing. I assumed you were a bot and not a real person. I'm sorry about that!

I received this email:

I am Uesr iD: It is Ni201512.
I received a destructive vicious attack from a person, and it was wasted all previous editing, and this threw away a notice in this blocked iD in regular member ID here, and indefiniteness was to the plural number to give a Japanese manager in my site of the wiki foundation which I used in the same ID at about 14:00 of the Japan time and site that I contributed to this ID. It is send until an email more.
The Japanese manager is too terrible. Too terrible. In addition, I am too much conceited in there being few numbers of people and sort a general user by likes and dislikes.
Please would you consider this point?
Please consider it about a limit of some authority to a Japanese manager and revival of ID:Ni201512.

I'm not sure I completely understand this but it does sound like you are protesting your block and that you intend to make constructive edits to this wiki. That sounds great! We welcome those edits and I have unblocked your account.

That said, please do not use the wiki for test editing or experimenting and only make on-topic edits. If you continue to use this wiki as a sandbox, you will be blocked again. —mako

Dear mako[edit]

Hello Dear mako Excuse me. I must reflect more, too. In addition, become if not constructive. Thank you for having you be careful. I thank you. --Ni201512 20:18, 15 August 2014 (EDT)

Editing here What is it you want to add to the definition of free cultural works? Do you have any experience with free art or software? Koavf (talk) 01:52, 16 August 2014 (EDT)


我加入主題在我Creative Commons member 。 他我在。 我嫌SPAM--Ni201512 10:37, 22 August 2014 (EDT)