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I think that a FSD needs to ensure that the service does not discriminate in ways that interfere with our essential freedoms. This needs to be tempered so that it doesn't unnecessarily restrict the ability for a service provider to manage the roll out of their own for-profit ventures. I haven't thought of precise wording as yet, so examples are the best way to present the idea:

  • Gmail invite-only rollout. This was a novel way to roll out, and the discrimination was done by the users rather than the service provider
  • MTurk "hit" providers being restricted to US/UK citizens. Legal restrictions are unavoidable.
Not desirable
  • Mandatory profile fields that are used primarily for profiling or discrimination is not in the spirit of freedom. e.g. requiring a US postal address unless the user has requested that the service deliver something to them. Profile fields should be opt-in, where the user wants to be better served.
  • Preventing or controlling access to a service based on IP address. Service providers should not use artificial ways to assume nationality.
    • Preventing access from anonymiser systems, such as Tor. This would mean that "Wikipedia" is a FCD to access, but editing Wikipedia would not be an FCD. See m:Editing with Tor for more details.
    • "Google Search Australia" being inaccessible from IP addresses presumed to be from a different nation (this is just an example; Google doesnt currently do this).

Jayvdb 05:06, 27 October 2007 (CEST)