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Free patent protocols

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There are many ways to publish an invention in a way that is free for reuse.

The simplest way to publish an invention for free reuse is:

  1. Publish the invention details online
  2. State clearly that it is free to reuse
  3. Optionally: file a provisional patent in your jurisdiction (to ensure your patent office finds the provisional in even a cursory prior-art search)

Existing protocols[edit]

As of 2013, open protocols which could be modified to be free include:

  • The Open Invention Network is dedicated to building a patent pool that can be used freely as long as you don't sue Linux, with a standard license agreement.
  • The BiOS (Biological Open Source) framework is a shared agreement to not assert IP rights against each others's use of the technology to do research, or to develop products either for profit or for public good. "BiOS-compatible agreements can support both freedom to operate, and freedom to cooperate.''
  • The GreenXchange provides a framework for both free and compulsory-license-fee (non-free) reuse of inventions. Their "Intellectual Property" license may be an option for truly free patent sharing (but the detail page seems down at present).
  • The Nutriset Online Patent Usage agreement is a negotiation-free way to use their patent at no cost.