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Authoring process

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The process for maintaining and updating the Definition itself is simple:

  • Make your desired changes to Definition/Unstable. If you are uncertain, you can suggest changes on the discussion page first.
  • If the changes are minor (typos, errors, etc.), you can directly notify a moderator, and he will update the stable version.
  • Otherwise, it is always a good idea to explain what you have done on the discussion page, and to wait for consensus to develop.
  • Only if a consensus is visible, the stable version will be updated.

But what if a consensus cannot be found about a change? Then, more frequently than not, the change will not be made. The wiki experience shows that consensus can often be achieved in small groups. Should there, however, be a very clear split between two groups, either in its emotionality or in the number of people involved, it may be desirable to call for a vote. In that case, all contributors who have made meaningful edits to the definition (stable or unstable) will be eligible to vote. The voting method used will normally be approval voting, except in cases of simple yes/no votes.

Extreme changes which are counter to the philosophy with which this definition was started can be vetoed by the moderators as a last resort.

Other pages in this wiki are free for anyone to edit without special procedures; this may change over time for selected pages, but in general, we will try to keep this wiki as open as possible.