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I am working on the translation of the Definition in Interlingua. I'm a fluent Interlingua speaker (and writer). Here is my user page on Wikipedia in Interlingua and my user page on I have produced most of Mediawiki's user interface translation. If you have an account, you can select it in your Preferences on this site as well.

Interlingua is an international language that is derived, as much as possible, from the stock of words that all European languages have in common. In practice, that basically makes it a simplified and modernized international Latin. So, if you don't know anything about the language, how much can you understand anyway? Let me know.

Interlingua es un lingua international que se deriva, tanto como possibile, del stock de parolas commun a tote le linguas europee. Practicamente, isto resulta in un latino moderne international e simplificate. Ergo, si tu cognosce nihil del lingua, quanto pote tu comprender totevia? Dice me lo.