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Translations of the ''Definition of Free Cultural Works'' are coordinated here. Translations will be approved by [[moderators]] before they are linked from the official definition. Please help us translate the definition into every language in the world!
To get started, please [ edit this page] and add a link to your language if it doesn't exist, in the format of the existing ones below:
* [[Definition/Ar]] - Arabic
* [[Definition/Arc]] - Assyrian
* [[Definition/Bg]] - Bulgarian (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Ca]] - Catalan (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Zh]] - Simplified Chinese (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Zh-TW]] - Traditional Chinese
* [[Definition/Cs]] - Czech (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Egl]] - Emilian
* [[Definition/El]] - Greek (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Eml]] - Emilian-Romagnol
* [[Definition/En]] - '''English original'''
* [[Definition/En-ca]] - Canadian English (started)
* [[Definition/Eo]] - Esperanto (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Et]] - Estonian
* [[Definition/Fi]] - Finnish (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Fr]] - French (translation in progress)
* [[Definition/Gl]] - Galician
* [[Definition/De]] - German (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Hu]] - Hungarian
* [[Definition/Hr]] - Croatian (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Ia]] - Interlingua (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Id]] - Indonesian (started)
* [[Definition/Io]] - Ido (started)
* [[Definition/Is]] - Icelandic (translation done, needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/It]] - Italian (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Ja]] - Japanese
* [[Definition/Ko]] - Korean (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Ml]] - Malayalam (started)
* [[Definition/Mr]] - Marathi (translation '''done''', needs proofreading, copyediting etc.)
* [[Definition/Ms]] - Malaysian (started)
* [[Definition/Nb]] - Norwegian (Bokmål) (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Nl]] - Dutch (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Mk]] - Macedonian (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Pl]] - Polish (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Pt]] - Portuguese
* [[Definition/Ru]] - Russian (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Ro]] - Romanian (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Sk]] - Slovak (translation and proofreading '''done''')
* [[Definition/Es]] - Spanish (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Sv]] - Swedish (status: translated, copyedited, needs adjustment on special words and terms)
* [[Definition/Gl]] - Galician (translated)
* [[Definition/Uk]] - Ukrainian (translation done, needs proofreading)
* [[Definition/Vi]] - Vietnamese (translation and proofreading '''done''')
We are using [[m:List of Wikipedias|Wikipedia language codes]] to identify languages.  To start a translation, follow the link above and create the definition or edit/improve it.  Update the status of the definition on this page when you reach a milestone.
You can get the original (protected) v1.1 text [{{fullurl:Definition|action=edit}} from here].
Once you are done, contact one of the [[moderators]] or e-mail Erik at (<tt>eloquence at gmail dot com</tt>).

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