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Love is an action

I have always thought that love is a feeling. Can we be tricked by feelings? For sure. Are we always fooled by feelings? Not always. How can one tell if feelings are real and true? I think by the durability of the feeling of love. The action that one does for someone else demonstrates love, either for that person or for another person who would be pleased by the action of love. Sometimes an act of love births love. What the heck am I talking about? Let's see if I can explain. Durabiliity of feelings is shown by the love for us from God. He has loved us forever, even before we were concieved. Now that is love. In the world side or in the flesh, suppose one spotted someone and immediately was "thunder struck".

Then contact was lost with the object of one's love at first site. Years pass and one day the relationship is renewed and one realizes the feelings for the lost love are still fresh. It is obvious that the feelings of love are true. God loved us forever and we lost contact with Him but one day we re-establish our relationship with Him. He never stopped his relationship with use but we never even responded until sometime later in life after our birth. I believe the feelings of gratitue for God's actions toward us and when we realize his actions are real and are acts of love, it ignites a love in our hearts. This love will be durable and last an eternity.