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== ==定義

源代碼是一個微妙的問題解決的廣泛範圍的自由的內容。例如,GNU GPL的界定為“的首選形式的工作作出修改[工作]".事實上,源代碼是首要的許多種工作(特別是軟件)。




* 當工作或部分由它生成的計算,從修改的結構形式(如文本),該修改的結構形式稱為 的源代碼。它必須提供給受助人的工作。

Discussion of terms

  • structured: which gives access to the structure of the work (for example, an OpenDocument file gives access to the structure of the document, whereas a PDF file doesn't)
  • modifiable: whose format allows easy modification (including modification of structure)
  • computation: which does not involve any creative act from a human being


Of course, the source code must satisfy the freedoms of free content as well. Therefore, by recursion, our definition is not weaker than the one in the GNU GPL


  • software source code
  • editable text (raw text, XML, word processor files...)
  • vector graphics files
  • tablatures, lyrics
  • multitracks from an audio recording
  • ...