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'''Portals''' are ways for groups of like-minded individuals to join and describe the principles of the [[definition]] in their own words, to collect resources, and to discuss.
*[ Wikinews] is a free content (CC BY) wiki-based news source from the Wikimedia Foundation.
* [ NewsIsFree] - online news reader, RSS Directory and news search engine.
*[ 20 Minutos] is a Spanish-language newspaper that uses a free content license [ (CC-BY-SA)] both in paper and electronic edition.
* [ betaNetscapeNews] - user-promoted items
*[ panARMENIAN] – news about Armenia (CC BY)
* [ NewsVine] - user-promoted items and much more
*[ Global Voices Online] (CC BY)
*[ Voice of America] (public domain)
**[ Table of regional branches of Voice of America] (public domain)

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