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Directories and Repositories of Educational Materials

WikiEducator is a community of scholars, teachers and trainers that are committed to the benefits associated with the collaborative authoring of open educational resources that can be used in their own teaching contexts. is a community space where educators work collaboratively on the authoring of concepts that constitute the building blocks of the instructional materials that are used in teaching situations.

The WikiEducator community endorses the Definition of Free Cultural Works, and aims at making all of its material available under a compatible licence.

AEShareNet collects over 20,000 learning materials from Australia. It has its own scheme of licenses, and some of the may be "free content" under the Definition.

The One Laptop Per Child initiative should generate repositories of free content for education in several different languages. In the meantime, a starting point is the OLPC Wiki.

LeMill is a web community for finding, authoring and sharing free learning resources. LeMill has "easy-to-use" authoring tools to create(multimedia) learning resources and a database to storage your media pieces (videos, audios, images). LeMill is currently available in the following languages: cz, en, es, et. fi, fr, hu, lt, ru and se - more translations are welcome. is the home of the LeMill open source platform.