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* [[User:Mia Garlick|Mia Garlick]]
* [[User:Mia Garlick|Mia Garlick]]
* [[User:Elizabeth stark|Elizabeth Stark]]
* [[User:Elizabeth stark|Elizabeth Stark]]
== [[Template:Ph:CheckUser]] ==
This is the project-specific help page for [[Help:CheckUser]], containing only an edit link. Many project-specific help pages redirect to it, which is confusing and gives problems if we want to add content for Help:CheckUser.
The redirects can better be changed into <nowiki>{{edhf}}</nowiki>, referring to {{tim|edhf}} (edit help footer).--[[User:Patrick|Patrick]] 10:02, 25 May 2006 (UTC)
:Makes sense, although I hoped that seeing "CheckUser" might discourage some vandals. I've modified a few '''real''' Ph templates to use "edhf". --&#160;[[w:User:Omniplex|Omniplex]]&#160;[[w:User talk:Omniplex|(w:t)]] 23:34, 25 May 2006 (UTC)

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The initial moderators of this site were hand-picked by the initiator of the definition, Erik Möller. Each moderator has the right to suggest new moderators to the group, who are approved in consensus. The group of moderators is intended to be small, and to share the principal goals with which this definition was started.

The moderators have two key privileges:

  • They can decide when a consensus (directly or by means of a vote) has been reached about a change to the unstable version of the definition, and apply it to the stable version. (If there is a dispute among the moderators, it is considered to be a sign of no consensus.)
  • In extreme cases, as a group, they can veto certain changes that are counter to the philosophy of this definition, even if a majority of people are in favor of them.

Current moderators