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Logos and buttons

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Welcome to Alaska Hot Air Balloon Flight in Luxor Egypt

We are best Balloons Company working in Luxor . As part of our exciting new services for you

We are offering for Hot Air balloon price $70

per person and half price for children up to the age of 12.

please sent us your deatils to booking :-what is your family name?what is Hotel your will stay in Luxor?which day your will arrive to luxor ?which date your would like to do hot air balloons?the pick up time start 5:00 Am and your return back to hotel about 8:00 Amit is be allowed for all weight not limit to to go up in the balloon

v The price include:-

ü Refreshments (coffee & Tea &English cake).

ü Collection from and return to your hotel or join your tour group.

ü Flight time is 35min minimum 50min maximum.

ü All passengers are insured.

ü Certificate after the flight and free gift.

ü Alaska Balloon has an operational license to fly.

ü If flight can not take place due to weather condition and no suitable alternative can be offered a full refund will be given.

v We have opportunity to offer you different basket and balloons sizes:-

   (32 passengers - 20 passengers -20 passengers  -20 passengers - 20 passengers - 3 passengers). 

  If you have any further question please contact me on this telephone number:- 

002 0124418211.

Alaska Hot Air Balloon have special available this month Balloons over Egypt View the amazing sites of the world largest outdoor museum from hot air balloon glide over the mortuaries of the necropolis filled with rock carved tombs of princes dating from the old kingdom to roman times see the unending vista of tombs pass beneath you as the balloon floats high above the west bank look down on the colossi of memnon and gain a birds - eye view of the courtyards statues and remains of the amazing temples of Luxor. This once in-a-lifetime tour gives you one of the most unique perspectives on this historic town.

  Welcome to Alaska Hot Air Balloon Flight


Please note that simply adding a button does not license your work in any way. You have to clearly state which license you use. One way of doing that is making the link point to the license, and having an explicit statement "This work is licensed under the ... license" below the work.

AMYMADE's buttons

The following set of buttons were designed by AMYMADE with the support of the Free Software Foundation and represents our official recommendation:

CCBY black.png CCBYSA black.png GFDL black.png GPL black.png LGPL black.png PUB black.png

CCBY red.png CCBYSA red.png GFDL red.png GPL red.png LGPL red.png PUB red.png

CCBY yellow.png CCBYSA yellow.png GFDL yellow.png GPL yellow.png LGPL yellow.png PUB yellow.png

These buttons are in the public domain. Which color you use is your choice; we suggest red for music, black for science and software, and yellow for everything else.

Small buttons

This is the cleanest set so far and it comes with a template.

Attribution button small.png Sharealike button small.png GFDL 1.2 button small.png PD button small.png

Inkwina's icons

GNU FDL.png FreeBSD.png GNU FDL alt.png CC-BY-SA.png

The svg versions CC-BY-SA.svg and Image:GNU_FDL.svg do not display well online. They where created using Inkscape, and the SVG hasn't been cleaned up. But the Blank button.svg can be used to generate more buttons. --Inkwina 15:01, 22 February 2007 (CET)

Other button styles

By-sa-button2.png By-button.png Pd-button.png

Slightly different style:


Again a different style - contributed by Jörg Petri:

Pd2.gif Pd 1.gif

License Classification Icons by Terry Hancock

These are meant to be generic analogs to Creative Commons' "license deed" icons (The CC icons are subject to trademark. I intend these icons to be different enough to avoid any trademark dispute or confusion, but similar enough to facilitate communication). Unlike the CC icons, these do not map to particular detailed license modules, but rather indicate general classes of licenses.

So far, these are the only ones I could think of needing for free licenses, but I am interested in hearing suggestions for what additional requirements we ought to have icons for:

Fd sq icon pd.svg "Public Domain" or "No Requirements".

Fd sq icon by.svg "Attribution" requirement.

Fd sq icon sa.svg "Copyleft" or "Share Alike" requirement.

Fd sq icon sc.svg "Source Code" requirement.

Fd sq icon drm.svg "No DRM/TPM" requirement.

Fd sq icon hard.svg "Production Copyleft" (a proposal for effective copyleft on hardware designs)

I also have some "non-free" icons for license comparison purposes, along with color-coded versions of the above (black="null", green="maximal individual freedom", blue="maximal maintenance of freedom", yellow="semi-free or free within a limited domain", red="not free at all"). I recommend these icons for use where free and non-free licenses will be compared with each other:

Fd sq icon pd.svg "Public Domain" (same as above)

Fd sq icon by grn.svg "Attribution"

Fd sq icon sa blu.svg "Copyleft"

Fd sq icon sc blu.svg "Source Code"

Fd sq icon drm blu.svg "No DRM/TPM"

Fd sq icon nc.svg "Non-Commercial"

Fd sq icon nd.svg "Non-Derivative"

Fd sq icon arr.svg "All Rights Reserved"

Here are a set of icons representing the Four_freedoms:

Fd sq icon use.svg Freedom #1: Use/Performance

Fd sq icon study.svg Freedom #2: Understanding

Fd sq icon copy.svg Freedom #3: Copying and Distribution

Fd sq icon add.svg Freedom #4: Derivatives

License description pages

For each license, we will try to create a description page. Here are some examples: