Version 1.1 of the definition has been released. Please help updating it, contribute translations, and help us with the design of logos and buttons to identify free cultural works and licenses!

Logos and buttons

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The official logo of the Definition of Free Cultural Works was designed by Marc Falzon, and placed in the public domain:

Mfalzon-freecontent logo01--wikilogo.png

An SVG copy can be found here (it will not load correctly in Firefox, but has been tested in Inkscape.)

The logo represents both the diversity of human culture, and the openness and freedom to interact with free cultural works. Please feel free to create derivatives of this logo, and upload them to this wiki.


The following set of buttons were designed by with the support of the Free Software Foundation and represents our official recommendation:

These buttons are in the public domain. Which color you use is your choice; we suggest red for music, black for science and software, and yellow for everything else.

Other button styles

By-sa-button2.png By-button.png Pd-button.png

Slightly different style:


Again a different style - contributed by Jörg Petri:

Pd2.gif Pd 1.gif

GNU FDL.png GNU FDL alt.png

CC-BY-SA.png FreeBSD.png

These are my attempts at using the above design. The svg versions (Media:CC-BY-SA.svg, Media:GNU FDL.svg) do not display well online. They where created using inkscape, and the SVG hasn't been cleaned up. But the blank might can be used to generate more buttons.

--Inkwina 15:01, 22 February 2007 (CET)

License description pages

For each license, we will try to create a description page. Here are some examples: