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== Buttons ==
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<div style="background-color: #ffeeee; font-weight: bold; border: 1px solid red; padding: .5em; text-align: center;">Please note that simply adding a button does not license your work in any way. You have to clearly state which license you use. One way of doing that is making the link point to the license, and having an explicit statement "''This work is licensed under the ... license''" below the work.</div>
=== AMYMADE's buttons ===
The following set of buttons were designed by [ AMYMADE] with the support of the [ Free Software Foundation] and represents our official recommendation:
[[Image:CCBY_black.png]] [[Image:CCBYSA_black.png]] [[Image:GFDL_black.png]] [[Image:GPL_black.png]] [[Image:PUB_black.png]] [[Image:LGPL_black.png]]
[[Image:CCBY_red.png]] [[Image:CCBYSA_red.png]] [[Image:GFDL_red.png]] [[Image:PUB_red.png]] [[Image:GPL_red.png]] [[Image:LGPL_red.png]]
[[Image:CCBYSA_yellow.png]] [[Image:CCBY_yellow.png]] [[Image:GFDL_yellow.png]] [[Image:GPL_yellow.png]] [[Image:LGPL_yellow.png]] [[Image:PUB_yellow.png]]
These buttons are in the public domain. Which color you use is your choice; we suggest red for music, black for science and software, and yellow for everything else.
=== Small buttons ===
This is the cleanest set so far and it comes with a [[:Image:Definition of Free Cultural Works button small.svg|template]].
[[Image:Attribution button small.png]] [[Image:Sharealike button small.png]] [[Image:GFDL 1.2 button small.png]] [[Image:PD button small.png]]
=== Inkwina's icons ===
[[Image:GNU FDL.png]] [[Image:FreeBSD.png]] [[Image:GNU FDL alt.png]] [[Image:CC-BY-SA.png]]
The svg versions [[:Image:CC-BY-SA.svg|CC-BY-SA.svg]] and [[:Image:GNU_FDL.svg|Image:GNU_FDL.svg]] do not display well online. They where created using Inkscape, and the SVG hasn't been cleaned up. But the [[:Image:Blank button.svg|Blank button.svg]] can be used to generate more buttons. --[[User:Inkwina|Inkwina]] 15:01, 22 February 2007 (CET)
=== Other button styles ===
[[Image:By-sa-button2.png]] [[Image:By-button.png]] [[Image:Pd-button.png]]
Slightly different style:
Again a different style - contributed by Jörg Petri:
[[Image:Pd2.gif]] [[Image:Pd_1.gif]]
== License description pages ==
== License description pages ==

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Fuck you hackergrup

License description pages

For each license, we will try to create a description page. Here are some examples: