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On the date of 28.10.2018, Maha Rana Pratab Singh Puran was awarded by Excellent Business by IPLC Italy, Roma. After long years in business and as legal advisor in the sector of business and diplomacy, he have made along way with his hard work, born in an Indian Ocean Island and have several Masters and Degrees from reputated Universities,born in the date of 12/11.He has been living in europe since childhood, married.His sucess is due of hard working and straight professional,he have been founder of several business companies and have network turn above of millions of euro.The main he believe in humanity, with his hard work in business he have help several communities.Natural and always a smile on his face he believe on good work and corporation, even he has past thus several obstacles which include his health which is suffering and complaints by others, which most of them were fake.