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from ricci-flow via /user/reMashedup sent 2 days ago
系統備份 script 紀錄一下半年前的筆記(快沒時間了...Orz)。
之前備份策略是每個禮拜將 /home , /etc , /var 備份到另一顆硬碟上,過兩個禮拜再存到外接硬碟,但有時候會忘記整理,就會碰到備份檔把整顆硬碟空間吃光的情形
Translated from Chinese by Microsoft
MONGOLIAN beef! From Ricci-flow Via/user/remashedup sent 2 days ago system backup script record the notes from six months ago (it's running out of time ...
ORZ). The previous backup strategy is to/home,/etc,/var back up to another hard drive every week, and then save it to an external hard drive after two weeks, but sometimes forget to organize, you will encounter the backup file to eat up the entire hard disk space

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The Creative Commons Attribution License is the most permissive of the six main licenses created by the Creative Commons project (Licenses/CC-0 effectively releases a work into the public domain). A work licensed in this way grants all the four freedoms listed in the definition of free cultural works:

Fd sq icon use.svg The freedom to use and perform the work: The licensee must be allowed to make any use, private or public, of the work. For kinds of works where it is relevant, this freedom should include all derived uses ("related rights") such as performing or interpreting the work. There must be no exception regarding, for example, political or religious considerations.
Fd sq icon study.svg The freedom to study the work and apply the information: The licensee must be allowed to examine the work and to use the knowledge gained from the work in any way. The license may not, for example, restrict "reverse engineering".
Fd sq icon copy.svg The freedom to redistribute copies: Copies may be sold, swapped or given away for free, as part of a larger work, a collection, or independently. There must be no limit on the amount of information that can be copied. There must also not be any limit on who can copy the information or on where the information can be copied.
Fd sq icon add.svg The freedom to distribute derivative works: In order to give everyone the ability to improve upon a work, the license must not limit the freedom to distribute a modified version (or, for physical works, a work somehow derived from the original), regardless of the intent and purpose of such modifications. However, some restrictions may be applied to protect these essential freedoms or the attribution of authors.

The license places two key restrictions on those freedoms:

Fd sq icon drm blu.svg


You must not restrict access to the work using technical measures, or otherwise attempt to impose limitations on the freedoms above.

Fd sq icon by grn.svg


You must give proper attribution to the author and retain the license notice.