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PATRIZIO PATANE' Born in Brindisi in 1952 by Father Petty Officer of the Italian Navy, "Marine Master" and housewife mother after a few years, still a child. from Apulia began a tour of the naval bases and Lighthouses throughout all Italy. With such "background", sea salt flows in his veins and was enrolled at the Naval Institute S. Giorgio di Genova course for Deck Officers. He later moved with his family in Sardinia, so loved by his father and completed his studies at the Institute of Nautical Carloforte acquiring the title of commander of the Merchant Ships 1972. That same year, was selected winner of the Council of Europe reserved for particularly deserving students demonstrating knowledge and will Europeanist. In Dublin, at St Patrick's College, worked in teams to develop a projects on the integration of maritime transport / air / land and rail in the future enlarged E.U. After several years as a deck officer on military and merchant ships around the world and after the period of military service as a pilot officer. In 1979 he was recruited as a board operator for the ship's & air suppliers group Cianciola Spa. From 1985 to 1989 has served as import-export manager, with expertise across the former USSR and Eastern European countries. From 1989 to 1994 he served as director of Sardinia branch of the same company with expertise in ship's &air supplies to all ports and airports in Sardinia. Among his many important operations, please note in particular that he followed personally the cruise in Italy and all supplies of the Royal Yacht Britannia (United Kingdom) with the S. A. Britain's Prince Charles and Lady Diana and 2 times the Royal Yacht and the Royal Navy of Oman in the port of Cagliari. Since 1994 he decided to deal with tourism and using his knowledge in the former Soviet Union chose that country (then unknown and unlikely tourist) to publicize and market the Sardinia and Italy. In that moment of political transition a difficult and perhaps risky choice for the field of "leisure" that emerged from 70 years of the regime and who was considered a poor market and ephemeral that it would hardly produced a major tourist demand. In 1995 he led the first Russian journalists (TASS) in Porto Cervo and strove for the realization of a great documentary on Russian TV RTR around Sardinia. In the same year began charter flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Ancona-Falconara, organized through the agency, the CGT an innovative tour operator in Grottammare (AP). His Storex small, but very active promotion and tourism marketing firm, it was proposed as an intermediary between the first Russian tour operators and hoteliers sardi and italian, would have to be supported and helped by Sardinia government grants, having regard to the great economic fallout on the Isle, but for unexplained jealousies and misunderstandings was left alone and had to use only his own personal resources to continue its costly and extensive process of market penetration of the East Europe. Since this time thousand and thousand Russian tourist have visited and appreciated Sardinia, today considered in Russia a "status symbol" touristic destination. Patrizio Patanè and his firm were awarded numerous international awards including that of R.A.T.A. (Russian tour operators association) and ACK (Czech Republic) and numerous Italian and foreign students have attended "Stage" training with excellent results. In recent times due to political choices, concomitant with the globalization and the increasingly common use of the Internet and "tourism DIY, Patrizio Patanè and his Storex firm strongly affected by the crisis in the sector, but from his pioneering and innovative spirit, we expect new challenges and new initiatives.