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== Introdukto ==
== Introdukto ==

Social e teknologial avancaji posibligas kreskanta parto di homaro ''acesar, krear, modifikar, publikigar e dis-donar'' diversa sorto di verki - arto, ciencala ed edukiva materii, komputerala programari, artikli - kurte: ''irgo qua reprezentesus en formo dijitala''. Multa komunesi formesis por praktikar ita nova posiblaji e krear amaso di ensemble ri-uzebla verki.
Social and technological advances make it possible for a growing part of humanity to ''access, create, modify, publish and distribute'' various kinds of works - artworks, scientific and educational materials, software, articles - in short: ''anything that can be represented in digital form''. Many communities have formed to exercise those new possibilities and create a wealth of collectively re-usable works.

La majoritato dil autori, de irga feldo, de irga stando sive amatoro o profesionala, havas autentika intereso en favorar ekosistemo ube verki povas disdon-esar, ri-uzesar e derivesar per kreiva moyeni. Quante plu facila esas ri-uzar e derivar verki, tante plu richa divenas nia kulturi.
Most authors, whatever their field of activity, whatever their amateur or professional status, have a genuine interest in favoring an ecosystem where works can be spread, re-used and derived in creative ways. The easier it is to re-use and derive works, the richer our cultures become. Β 

Por mantenar bona funcionado di ta ekosistemo, verki devas esar '''libera''', e ''libereso'' signifikas:
Por mantenar bona funcionado di ta ekosistemo, verki devas esar '''libera''', e ''libereso'' signifikas:
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