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[1] zotz at OurMeida


Ideas / notes for possible inclusion somewhere.

  • Finer grained license control over original creations than just the "work" which is copyrighted. The license should be able to be applied to a particular "instance" of a "work" by the original author and not automatically to all instances of the "work." Is this a good idea???
  • clause to negate all rights to those who attempt to use the proposed WIPO broadcaster rights or anything similar?
  • re [by Omnifarious on advogate: "I agree strongly with the critique that you lack any major novelists or musicians as part of your group."] I don't see this as such a big concern and here are some thoughts on the issue:
    • This is an honest question: Was RMS a big/famous software developer when he came up with the idea for the GPL? If not...
    • While it might be nice, a major novelist or musician has pretty much succeeded in the current system. They may be steeped in "how things are done" - that said, the music industry, at least, is famous for messing up the artists, so you may find some willing to try a new way of doing things. Was it Chuck D who was making some noise a while back along these lines?
    • It is supposeldy not unusual for major changes to a system to come from those outside the system.